Muhlenkamp Memorandums, 2020

The Muhlenkamp Memorandums are published quarterly. Please find the links below.  We encourage you to read our articles for insights to assist you with financial and estate planning and saving for education and retirement.

MEMORANDUM 136 – October 2020

In their Quarterly Letter, Jeff and Ron Muhlenkamp discuss the effects of another quarter of economic activity driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. In his article, “View from the Front Office: the Election,” Tony Muhlenkamp suggests not to panic. No matter which candidate wins this November, nothing will change overnight. Take a look at your financial plan and adjust it to adapt to changing conditions.

MEMORANDUM 135 – July 2020
In this issue of the Muhlenkamp Memorandum, Jeff and Ron Muhlenkamp discuss the effects of COVID-19 on the economy in their Quarterly Letter. Tony explains the use of the Client Relationship Summary and our responses to the suggested questions to ask advisers. Archives of our May webcast, “MAPPING YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE: It’s Never Too Late to Save for College,” and our June webcast, “WORKING THE PROBLEM: The Impact of COVID-19 & Some Advice to Answer Our Clients’ Top Concerns,” are available on our website.

MEMORANDUM 134 – April 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic brought a deep plunge to economies across the globe. In their Quarterly Letter, Jeff and Ron present their thoughts on this extraordinary period. This is not the first crisis and unfortunately it won’t be the last. In his “Letter to My Daughters: On Crisis and Disasters,” Tony suggests preparing yourself and working together. He gives advice on how to use your powers for good to become the person upon which others rely.

MEMORANDUM 133 – January 2020
In their Quarterly Letter, Ron and Jeff state that the markets seem to be pretty price insensitive for popular companies. The economy continued to grow at a modest pace, but if you look at the overall metrics, it’s a “mixed bag.” In Jeff’s article, “Prolific Natural Gas in the United States: Looking Back Over the Last Decade,” he explains how the consumer has benefited from the availability of low-cost natural gas and how it has affected the sources of U.S. electricity generation as well as U.S. natural gas exports.

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