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Value Investing LIVE Recap – With Ron Muhlenkamp

GuruFocus invited Ron Muhlenkamp to be a guest speaker on the Value Investing Live series.  During Ron’s presentation on August 18, 2021, he covered the following topics:

• The Problem with Inflation
• Inflation, Business Cycles, & the Population
• Failure of Macroeconomics
• Fundamental Value
• Life Cycle of Industries
• Market Corrections
• Audience Q&A

Graham Griffin, Editorial Assistant at GuruFocus published the following article, “Value Investing Live Recap: Ron Muhlenkamp,” which includes a link to Ron’s presentation. We hope you enjoy the summary and the video!

The opinions expressed in the video are those of Muhlenkamp and Company and are not intended to be a forecast of future events, a guarantee of future results, nor investment advice.

Here is the document that Ron mentioned during the presentation: Some Things I Would Have Liked To Have Known Sooner

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