Business Continuity

Thanks to our rapid implementation of our Business Continuity Plan/Policies/Procedures; Muhlenkamp & Company remains open for business. If the markets are open for business, we are open for business; if the markets are closed, we are open for business; if zombies prowl the country, we are open for business and offer specialized financial/college/retirement/wealth/estate/legacy planning for the walking dead. If that describes you or anyone you know; please give us a call.

You can reach me at 877-935-5520 or 724-934-5139.

Steadfastly yours,

Tony Muhlenkamp
Muhlenkamp & Company, Inc.

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COVID-19 Update

We don’t know any more about the health risks posed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) than you do. Nor do we, or anyone else, know the secondary and tertiary political and economic consequences of the virus spreading.

We do know financial markets and we know our portfolio. We know the financial markets have been fully to overpriced and were past due for prices to drop. We know the companies we own for you have solid business and financial foundations and that while the stock prices of our companies are falling with the rest of the market the companies themselves are likely to survive and thrive.

Nobody likes falling markets, including us. But low prices are the only way to get good companies cheap. We continue to implement our process of bottom-up, fundamental, value-seeking stock picking.

In other words, we continue to buy low in expectation of being able to sell high. The current markets are giving us that opportunity.

Please call me at 877-935-5520 or 724-934-5139 if you would like to discuss this further.

Steadfastly yours,

Tony Muhlenkamp
Muhlenkamp & Company, Inc.

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Ronald H. Muhlenkamp Retires from Muhlenkamp & Company

At the age of 75, Ronald H. Muhlenkamp retired from the investment management firm Muhlenkamp & Company, Inc. on February 15, 2019. After having been in the business of investing for over 50 years, he is passing on the day-to-day stock picking and portfolio management duties to Jeff Muhlenkamp. Ron remains the majority shareholder of Muhlenkamp and Company and will serve as the firm’s Chairman of the Board and Internal Economist. He plans to still be in the office studying and researching, but will be leaving the operational responsibilities to his sons, Tony and Jeff.

Mr. Jeffrey P. Muhlenkamp has served as Co-Manager with Ron since November 2013, and has served as an Analyst since 2008. Jeff is the lead Portfolio Manager at Muhlenkamp & Company, Inc. as of February 15, 2019.

Mr. Anthony W. Muhlenkamp has served as President and Chief Compliance Officer of Muhlenkamp & Company, Inc. since November 2013. Tony is responsible for setting the strategic course for the family business and continuing the vision of helping clients build a legacy of financial freedom.

Muhlenkamp & Company’s 40th Anniversary

2017 marked the 40th anniversary of the founding of Muhlenkamp and Company, Inc. We are pleased, proud, and grateful that we have been able to serve our clients and the community for over forty years. Special thanks to our clients and our staff, past and present.

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