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We’re a family of financial nerds; passionate folks who believe in redefining the industry with data-driven, intelligent investing. We love to break through the smoke and mirrors that so often mystifies wealth building, as we eagerly share our knowledge and decades of expertise with people just like you. 

RON Muhlenkamp

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Spending 10 years at conventional Wall Street type firms taught Ron there had to be a better way to invest money for people.  That realization led to the creation of Muhlenkamp & Company over 40 years ago.


Educational Experience: Mr. Muhlenkamp received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from M.I.T. in 1966, and a Master in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School in 1968. He has also earned a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Business Experience: Ron is the founder of Muhlenkamp & Company, Inc., established in 1977 to manage private accounts for individuals and institutions. In 1988, Muhlenkamp & Company launched a no-load mutual fund as an investment vehicle for all investors, large or small. In February 2019, Ron handed over the day-to-day stock picking and portfolio management duties to Jeff Muhlenkamp. Ron remains the majority shareholder of Muhlenkamp and Company and serves as the firm’s Chairman of the Board. You can still find him in the office studying and researching, but he has passed the operational and investment responsibilities to his sons, Tony and Jeff.

Ron has been a frequent guest of the media, and featured speaker at investment shows nationwide. His entire business career has been devoted to the professional management of investment portfolios. His work since 1968 has been focused on extensive studies of investment management philosophies, both fundamental and technical. As a result of this research, he developed a proprietary method of evaluating both equity and fixed income securities, which continues to be employed by Muhlenkamp & Company. In addition to contributing to Muhlenkamp & Company’s quarterly newsletter, Muhlenkamp Memorandum, Mr. Muhlenkamp is the author of Ron’s Road to Wealth: Insights for the Curious Investor.

Most of Ron’s investment assets are managed by the Company.


Portfolio Manager – Investment Team

Jeff brings the perspective and discipline of a career Army officer coupled with the rigorous analytical skills of an engineer to bear on portfolio management.


Educational Background: Mr. Muhlenkamp received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the United States Military Academy in 1988, and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University in 1999. He holds a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Business Experience: Jeff joined Muhlenkamp and Company as an Investment Analyst in 2008 and had served as Co-Manager with Ron since November 2013. As of February 2019, Jeff is the lead Portfolio Manager at Muhlenkamp & Company, Inc.

Jeff served in the United States Army for 20 years, retiring in 2008 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Notable duty assignments included command of a Tank Company at Fort Stewart, GA, Executive Officer of a Corps Support Group in Bamberg, Germany, and Division Chief of the Computer Support Activity for the Army Operations Center at the Pentagon, Washington D.C. He is a graduate of the Air Assault, Airborne, and Ranger Schools, and the Command and General Staff College.

Jeff is one of the original investors in the Company’s self-named mutual fund; most of his assets remain invested in the fund.

Tony Muhlenkamp

President & Chief Compliance Officer – Client Service Team

Tony appreciates the average guy that’s just trying to take care of his family and make a better life for his kids. That’s what Muhlenkamp exists to do; it’s why he is here.


Educational Background: Mr. Muhlenkamp received a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management, Mathematics and Economics from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in 1990. He graduated from the Korean Basic Course at the Defense Language Institute in 1986 and was the Honor Graduate of the USMC Non Commissioned Officer School at MCAS Kaneohe Bay, HI in 1987. He maintains Series 6, 63, 26, and 65 securities registrations.

Business Experience: Tony earned the rank of Sergeant in the Marines before taking his honorable discharge in 1989 and graduating from CMU as described above.

Tony worked as a software consultant for Information Resources Inc. from 1990-1992, providing a working interface between software programmers and software end users.

Tony joined the family business in 1992. He works with clients to identify, avoid, and resolve their money problems; and has written and spoken about the lessons he has learned. Tony serves clients as a counselor, adviser, planner, and manager on a wide variety of financial and investment questions.

President of the firm since November 2013, Tony is responsible for setting the strategic course for the family business and continuing our mission of putting money to work for our clients. Tony has also served as the Chief Compliance Officer since November 2013; prior to that he was the Vice President of Client Service.

(724) 934-5139

Adrienne Caracciolo

Operations Manager – Administrative & Marketing Team

Adrienne keeps the wheels from coming off; she has made sure the bills are paid and the lights are on for over twenty years. She makes it look easy (which it isn’t) through competence and efficiency. 


Educational Background: Ms. Caracciolo received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Clarion University in 2000. She maintains Series 6 and 63 securities registrations.

Business Experience: Adrienne joined Muhlenkamp & Company in August 2000. Her responsibilities include: managing all Company-related accounting functions (payables, receivables, and taxes); compliance-related reporting (securities trading oversight and error resolution); and performance reporting (managed account quarterly reports and Composite record maintenance).

Adrienne serves as a liaison between Muhlenkamp & Company and the broker/adviser community, as well as the Company’s self-named mutual fund and its custodian bank.

Adrienne gained financial services experience while working in the trust department of Mellon Financial where she specialized in account reconciliation.

Deb Guerra

Client Service Representative – Client Service Team

Deb spent a lifetime in banking; it was really only 10 years, but it SEEMED like a lifetime. She makes sure we never become “an institution” to our clients. Quote: “Providing excellent client service is easy; we have excellent clients.”


Educational Background: Ms. Guerra received a Bachelor of Science in Business from Warren National University. She successfully completed Leadership Influence and Management Classes at Babson College. She has also completed the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exam and maintains Series 6 and 63 securities registrations.

Business Experience: Deb joined Muhlenkamp & Company in October 2019 to assist shareholders and privately managed account owners with their financial needs.

Deb gained financial services experience through many years in the banking industry, most recently in BNY Mellon’s Wealth Management Sector as the Group Manager of the Private Banking Concierge Group.

(724) 934-5122

Michelle B. Orphall

Marketing Manager – Administrative & Marketing Team

Total attention to detail is a GREAT quality to ensure compliance with the myriad rules and regulations of our industry. Michelle makes sure we avoid the third rail of money management; compliance issues.


Educational Background: Ms. Orphall received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Dayton in 1993. She maintains Series 6 and 63 securities registrations.

Business Experience: Michelle joined Muhlenkamp & Company in October 1997. Her responsibilities include publishing print and web material, coordinating the company webcasts, creating and updating forms and applications, website design and maintenance, and assisting with company compliance programs.

Michelle gained experience in the financial services industry while working at Chase Mellon Shareholder Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She worked as a Customer Service Representative and a Dividend Reinvestment Product Associate.